Our architectural metalwork service allows us to bring all our skills together on your project, from experienced and skilled design, through in-house manufacture by our skilled craftsmen, to a well planned and executed installation by our install team.


We will engage with you on the early concept and development, using the best possible design techniques and programmes to create exactly the look and feel your project requires, all properly backed up with all the appropriate structural calculations.


Our skilled metalworkers are working within our extensively equipped workshop, and have all the experience and knowledge required to ensure that every fabrication is made to the very best possible quality.


Additionally, we are happy to work with and incorporate any plastics, GRP, glass, timber etc that is required within your design. This includes, of course, any of the range of external finishes you might want, such as patination (bronze), painting, polishing, anodising, galvanising etc.


On completion, our expert metalwork installation teams will ensure that the project is installed and finished to give you exactly the look desired.


No matter what you require, from balconies and balustrades, to enormous spiral staircases or bronze fin walls, we know how to get your metalwork project designed, made and installed.