The range of finishes available today is quite astonishing. There are myriad different products, that have a seemingly endless array of colours and textures available. We are, as you might expect, happy to work with absolutely any available product, and always relish a new challenge.

Having said that, the standard finishes remain ever popular:

  • Polished -  whether it be satin, mirror or anything else – we are happy to offer this, and do much of the intricate final polishing ourselves.

  • Anodised – Whilst not suitable for every job, the finish is always popular and looks amazing in the right application.

  • Powder coating – The range of finishes now is fantastic. There are even finishes now that are designed to match anodised aluminium and patinated bronze! Available in almost every conceivable colour and gloss level, a powder coated finish is always appealing.

  • Bead blasted – for complete satin uniformity in hard to reach areas or awkward shapes, this finish is sometimes the only option.

  • Galvanizing – popular, highly effective, and not without its charms even as a final finish!



Bronze is a completely timeless product and finish.


Ultimet are highly experienced in the fabrication of Bronze, and having worked on projects approaching £1 million we are now well known for the results we are able to achieve.


The patination of the bronze is always key to the end result, of course, and we work closely with Bronze Restorations in Surbiton, who have well over 40 years of experience in the field.


If you wish to view their range of chemical patination finishes, please click here