Nova – Victoria, building 6B

This was a £1 million bronze work package, which was designed, built and installed by us.

Bronze fins – the main feature of the works was a Bronze fin wall. This comprised of central core, which we clad on one side with patinated bronze, and a vitreous enamel panel on the other. The wall was approximately 8 mtrs high x 20 mtrs across, plus a return side wall.

Other works on the project included:
Bronze lift architrave – 10mm thick patinated bronze with feature trim, complete with Corian infill lettering.

Bronze feature wall – 5mm thick patinated bronze – approximately 8mtrs high x 3 mtrs across

Reception door – weighing in at 270kg, the door comprised of a steel frame clad with 1.5mm patinated bronze and a glazed mid section.

Reception desk – approximately 10 mtrs long, the desk comprised of bespoke joinery work clad with 5 and 10mm patinated bronze.

Skirting – extending all around the lobby area, made from patinated bronze clad to MDF

Nova – Victoria, building 7

Stainless steel nosing’s to glass fin wall – designed to disguise the glass tolerances, we designed a stainless steel half round section capped at each end and bead blasted to replicate a solid bar.

Stainless steel column casings – 2 columns at 9 mtrs high, comprising 6 half sections each, in satin polished 3mm sheet and with feature shadow gaps.

Aluminium ‘Feature X’ – aluminium folded and welded sheet, powder coated and recessed into glass. Approximately 8 mtrs in height.

Stainless steel lift architraves – satin polished 10mm stainless steel and inlayed with Corian lettering.

Stainless steel stone reveals – 10mm thick polished stainless, invisibly fixed to walls.


02 - Greenwich

Comprising multiple elements, Ultimet provided all metalwork for the latest bar, retail and eating areas at the O2. Over a 12-week period, we assisted with design and fabricated a vast array of metalwork. The specifications called for mild steel, fabricated to a variety of colours and textures, and polished stainless steel.

The scope of our works was as follows: -
2 island bars – approx. 20 mtrs long and 6 metres wide, c/w main bar, overhead grid canopy, internal tables (Inc. fridge tables), central grid display and seating areas.

2 mini-clubs, 1 super club and 1 terrace bar – consisting of main bars, grid displays, tables and seating areas.

2 food outlets – including overhead canopies, serving bars, displays and condiment tables.

2 retail outlets – including front serving area and rear display. All in satin polished stainless steel.

In addition to this, we also provided various fabricated seating areas, free standing stables and bins.


Tamburlaine Hotel – Cambridge

Feature spiral staircase – Designed, built and installed by us, this staircase weighed over 10,000 kgs and had to enter the building through a 2.2 metre square entrance. Built in our factory in 7 separate pieces, we then powder coated them and delivered to site. Due to the entrance size, the 6mtr central column, rolled from 12mm thick plate, had to be welded to the 50mm thick base plate by us on site. The individual sections were then bolted to the central column, and the handrails welded together and finished on site.

Balustrade – surrounding two separate atriums, we designed, built and installed over 40 metres of this balustrade to withstand crowd force loadings of 1.5Kn and be invisibly fixed. This handrail was made in mild steel and powder coated. In order to appear seamless, individual sections were welded together and finished on site.

Other works – In addition to the above, we also completed a large amount of polished brass and blackened steel works for the bar area, plus brass column skirting’s for the reception area.