Spiraling to Greatness!!

From grandiose design work, to the determination of everyone here at Ultimet Alloys; we succeeded in the challenge of building and installing our heaviest fabrication yet.

As soon as we had snapped up our CE accreditation we were faced with our heaviest spiral staircase for a 5 Star Hotel in Cambridge. We were not daunted by the task as we knew it was definitely within our scope to complete.

Over the course of 5 months we have toiled and exhausted ourselves with designing, building and installing. But our efforts have not been futile.

With an approximate weight of 10 tonnes, a 12mm thick central column which was rolled and 20mm thick stringers which have been rolled and faceted, there was no light element to this task. The 20mm thick steel treads were welded together in sections in our workshop and then fitted to the column on site. Each spindle was carefully placed and then welded! The column itself was welded to a 50mm thick base plate on site And all of this has been fitted to the structural engineers requirements.

The steel work was finished in a unique powder coat, which matched a black anodised finish. This finish allows a slight shine and sparkle to be seen. The column was a wet spray, the balustrade was a powder coat

The site install was an exhilarating task. All the heavy sections, including the 1.8 tonne column, was taken through a small opening no larger then 2 metres x 2 metres

Once we had all the sections in and finalized all the cosmetic touch ups, we were thrilled our accomplishment.

Even though it was exhausting. Even though it was stressful. Even though it was long days and nights. The Ultimet Team is thankful to all staff for such an amazing and beautiful achievement!

Ultimet Alloys Ltd


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