Developments so far in 2017

As with every year, Ultimet has big plans for 2017, and we have already been very busy.

So far, this year we have invested in:-

* A tailor made and purpose built overhead crane, which is fully mobile and height adjustable. This allows us to move and support heavy sections in and around our works and yard with ease.

* A complete and purpose built polishing area within our unit 3. Due to the messy nature of metal polishing, this area has been fully segregated from our other areas with heavy duty plastic strip curtains, then sealed and lined out with galvanised sheet and non-slip flooring.

We have equipped it with a huge range of polishing equipment and consumables, as well as fitting out with wooden benches (to prevent scratching) and air filtration units.

* With ever growing threats to computer security (another good example of this increasing menace hit the world this week), we have invested heavily this year in our system's and technology, Our increased security levels ensure the safety of customers, suppliers and ourselves. Additionally, we have taken the opportunity to install a computer and skype on our meeting table to allow customers to discuss projects with us remotely, so we look forward to seeing you soon!

* A big development for us this year is the introduction of bar coding. This isn't just for stock control and efficiency, we have also developed it for our shop floor activities (Paul C., who has been working hard on this for many months, will be blogging on it soon, but this technology is being used to allow us to track and monitor each and every job as it progresses around our shop floor)

* A new 'el jumbo' site van. We will write again about this, and add some photos, but we have tailored it specifically for our site works. It joins our two other commercial vehicles, each purchased to perform a specific role.

* Multiple portable air filtration and extraction units. These allow us to get the filtration and extraction exactly where our fabricators need it, and adapt our works to the needs of each job.

* Yet another Migatronic Galaxy! This time its a Sigma Galaxy 500 water cooled. We now own 3 of these amazing machines, and will write more about their capabilities and benefits later.

* Our new website and brochure. To ensure we inform as many customers, and potential customers, as possible about our capabilities and developments (and to coincide with our 20th anniversary) we decided to review and update all our company information. We are really pleased with results, but would love to know what you think?

We haven't finished yet, of course, and the above only reflects a few of our purchases. We have big plans for the rest of the year, as we are always looking for ways to improve our service to our customers.

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