Tempus fugit

We have all been stunned, here at Ultimet, to realise that it's been over a year since our last update....but what a year its been!

To keep pace with our ever increasing workload, our team has now grown to 25, including David Hale - our new Project Manager, and Neil Harvey - our new Project Designer.

In addition to this we now have 3 full time site teams, as well as 12 fabricators out on the shop floor that are working hard to keep the site teams busy.

Within our growing workforce we also now have 2 apprentices, one in their 2nd year with us and one in their 1st. We feel this is crucial to maintaining a well rounded team, as well as developing the fabricators of tomorrow.

Investment remains key to us, so amongst the various new machines we have purchased since our last update, we have a brand new 3mtr brake press, complete with tooling and updated technology that allows us to programme and complete work much faster than before. Additionally, we have new section rollers, an ironworker (for processing heavy section), 2 new saws (including a fantastic double mitre circular saw for processing aluminium section) and, most recently, a new truck.

We do recognise, however, that we have been failing to show off our work suitably, and so will now be providing regular updates to this blog detailing the projects we are involved in, as well as posting plenty of pictures.

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