Since way back in 2014 it has been law that structural products, materials and fabrications are required to be CE marked and certified. Despite this, many steelworkers and fabricators remain uncertified for structural works and the potential for shoddy practices and workmanship in critical applications remains.


The harmonised standard that covers structural steelwork is BS EN 1090: EXECUTION OF STEEL AND ALUMINIUM STRUCTURES.


Ultimet has undergone a rigorous testing procedure in order to obtain accreditation for this compliance, and is certified to produce fabricated steel, and stainless steel to Execution Class 2.


Whilst each building and structure should be considered on its own merits, Execution Class 2 is appropriate for the vast majority of buildings that are constructed in the UK.


NOTE: If the Execution Class is not specified for a project – Clause 4.1.2 of BS EN 1090-2 states that Execution Class 2 shall apply. This means that, regardless of whether you have been asked to provide documentation or not you are required by law to obtain it.

In order for us to achieve this certification, we have been required to have the following in place:

  • An appointed responsible welding coordinator

  • An approved Factory Production Control (FPC) system and procedures

  • An approved Welding Quality Management System (WQMS)


We have then undertaken external testing of our welding procedures for all materials, as well as testing of the welds themselves.


We are then assessed on all aspects of this each year by our notified body and issued with our FPC certificate and Welding Certificate that identifies our approved Execution Class.


Although obtaining this accreditation is not easy, and the auditing procedure rigorous, it does allow our customers to be 100% confident that our welds, systems and procedures are the best that they can be.


It is the responsibility of everyone involved in the procurement and manufacturing of any type of structural metalwork to ensure that the product they are installing is well made, compliant and, most of all, safe.


Why take a chance on anyone else?